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Shop at Revolver -- Help Save the Planet! feat. Lindsay @WelcometoRaleighWood

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Not to be doom and gloom but the environment is yelling out and we need to help her! The average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing a year!! We wanted to give you some fast facts on why shopping at Revolver and other consignment stores will dramatically improve your carbon footprint.

According to Watercalculator.org a new pair of jeans can use over 8,000 liters of water. As one of our favorites JVN would say, “CAN YOU BELIEVE?”. A simple change your shopping habits can do so much for the environment.

We reached out to one of our favorite Raleigh influencers Lindsay, (@WelcometoRaleighwood) to get her opinions on why shopping second hand is so important to her!

Revolver Team: Lindsay, why do you choose Revolver over other fast fashion brands?

Lindsay: The reason I chose Revolver is because my main mission when I shop is to shop local! When I combined that with an effort to reduce waste and buy used, Revolver checked all of those boxes. I also love that I don't have to carefully check each item of clothing like I feel I have to with other consignment or thrift stores - the items are great quality and I know they have been screened for tears, stains, etc.


RT: Do you have any other Earth conscious tips to share with our readers?

L: I use Compost Now and Ungraded Produce to try to reduce food waste. I love both of those services and they are super easy since they both involve not having to leave your home!

Lindsay wanted to reduce her fashion waste for her New Year’s Resolution – which we think is amazing! We are happy Lindsay comes and shops with us regularly. We are constantly added new styles and fashions to our floor so that Revolver is always feeling fresh and new.

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Shopping consignment creates a more thoughtful approach. We love that our customers come to us for not only special occasions but come to hunt for special pieces for their wardrobe. We have created an experience at Revolver that we hope you notice and enjoy!

At Revolver we take pride in our selection of second-hand clothing. We have a thorough process of checking items we put in our inventory. Items must be dry cleaned, checked for spots, checked for rips. We want to bring you the best clothing options for your closet! We hope this spring season you come check out Revolver and not only shop local, but do lady Earth a favor 😊